What If "Getting Things Done" Makes Things Worse?

Politicians love to use the phrase "getting things done" as though activity is proof of progress. What if thing that got done was stupid or made the original problem worse? The war in Iraq was "getting things done" but if you're a liberal Democrat, from your perspective, it's highly likely you believe it was a horrible idea badly executed. The stimulus package "got done" but it didn't help and only added to a deficit Congress has no intention of taking seriously. We can agree or disagree on a policy's merits, but the mere act of accomplishing it is no selling point.

So now we hear about the importance of getting health care reform "done." Emphasis on peripheral issues like abortion and death panels is crowding out serious contributions by conservatives and leading us to a health care regime that doesn't attack the root causes of the cost, access and portability problems. Ending the employer tax exclusion, allowing interstate competition, ending Medicare's fee-for-service model and opening access to the FEHBP would be real change, not the fake, arguably deceptive, version about to be shoved down our throats in the name of "getting things done." This is just what RSP has been saying, in various forms, about the problems with ObamaCare's "fixes."


Anonymous said...

Great point. I noticed two posts from you today...clearly YOU aren't getting anything done.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really know what is contained in the Bill? Of course not! There is no point in pushing thru a law for the sake of being able to claim that the law got passed. The President isn't doing himself or our citizens any favors pushing this thru. On the other hand, he may well do the country a favor by pushing this because his positive polling numbers are dropping and the mid term elections are coming and it could change the makeup of Congress