Very Stupid People Use Internets to Prove Stupidity

Jessica Simpson offers a reward for her dog, snatched by a coyote (Um, Jess, the pooch is dead and coyotes can't read).

Jimmy Carter thinks presidents of Harvard Medical School and the Cleveland Clinic are racists.


Anonymous said...

Carter does not call all who oppose Obamba's policies racist. He says that most of those who are intensely demonstrating animosity towards Obama personally are motivated by racism. The only individual cited in the article as belonging to that class is Joe Wilson. I haven't read the articles, but I suspect that the heads of the Cleveland Clinic and Hahvahd Med are civilly expressing disagreement with Obama's policies.

The Daily Pander said...

How exactly would Carter know that 50% +1 of all those "intensely demonstrating" their opposition are motivated by racism?

Anonymous said...

He knows it because he is 84 years old and has lived in the south most of his life. He grew up around racism, and he knows what it sounds like.

Also, I checked the two cited articles, and neither one even mentions Obama, so it is a very remote stretch to suggest that Carter's comments apply to them.

The Daily Pander said...

A) I was being facetious.
B) Jimmy C. is not an absolute authority on racism. People can, and do, disagree about what constitutes racism. Racism exists in any large distribution of adult Americans so OF COURSE it exists among the protesters. The quantity, source, and degree of racist objection to BHO is, ultimately unknowable yet Carter describes it as though it can mathematically determined. If I hold up a picture of BHO w/a caption "Asshole" am I critical of his policies, his skin color, or his policies because of his skin color? How would any one know? How would anyone prove it?

Carter would be on firmer ground if he said "in my opinion" or "much" or "some" or another suitable qualifier.

No matter what he knows, feels, believes, it's still just an opinion.

The Daily Pander said...

One final thought: There's been no dispute that Jessica Simpson is an idiot for offering a reward.

Coyotes don't steal dogs for negotiating leverage. They do it for dinner.

There is always hope.

Jonny K said...

I went to the woods to search for the coyote's poop. Couldn't find it, but if I had, I bet I could have gotten the reward...."Here's your beloved doggy....Jess...Digested!"