We Have Forgotten the Horror

Eight years ago this week, we were attacked by fanatical Muslims. Three thousand of our fellow countrymen died in the single most deadly attack against our homeland since the attack on Pearl Harbor. On that otherwise beautiful September day in 2001, we the people vowed that we would never forget. Unfortunately, as time has gone on and the systems put in place by the Bush Administration have been successful in preventing another attack, it seems that we the people have forgotten the horror and the lessons of that fateful day.

Americans have become weary of war. That is understandable, however, the consequences of failure in either Iraq or Afghanistan will be deadly to us. Should either nation fall to Islamic extremists, just like Afghanistan prior to 9/11, there will exist a base for Al Qaeda and its allies to train and practice their craft (which is the killing of the infidel, you and me). Also, as Osama Bin Laden said himself, the so called Arab street likes to bet on the strong horse. American failure in either of these conflicts would signal to the world that the US is not the strong horse, but rather, that the Islamists are the strong horse.

Instead of raising in opposition of the oppression of women in Muslim countries, the President of the United States talks publicly about the discrimination against those women who wear the hijab in the United States, as if it is a large scale problem. This should not come as a surprise since President Obama felt it was necessary to bow to the King of Saudi ruled Arabia. We also continue to allow large scale immigration from countries that teach, train and harbor terrorists. These are just several examples of the appeasement of Islamists by the leadership of our country.

In this country, we continue to allow the House of Saud to fund madrassahs and mosques that teach hatred of Jews and Christians as part of their curriculum. This is just part of the Wahhabi teachings and beliefs. Of course, in Saudi ruled Arabia, it is illegal to practice any religion other than Islam. So much for reciprocation of our so called tolerance.

The Western World also seems content to allow the largest sponsor of Islamic terror in the world, Iran, to develop nuclear weapons. Despite reports that we may only be months away from the Iranian nuclear program reaching a successful conclusion, we and our allies in Europe want to talk to an insane President who has called for the forceful elimination of one of our best allies, Israel. Instead of talking, it is time to get tough and tell the Iranians that their nuclear ambitions will never be met and that for the sake of the security of the entire world, we will stop them by an means possible, if need be. This would also signal to Iran’s terrorist clients that we are serious and will do whatever is necessary to protect our people and our interests.

It is important for every American to remember the horror of September 11, 2001 and to remind our leaders that we must remain eternally vigilant as to the threat of Islamic terrorism. We must continue to engage in the War on Terror that was brought upon us by those who want to kill or convert us to Islam. If we don’t remember to take them at their word, the consequences will be deadly.

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