Government should retreat, not reframe

There is a viral movement afoot on Facebook through which well meaning communicators are directed to express their “status” (state of mind in the here and now) on health care “reform”. The pledge is this: No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick.

That is like strong-arming people to declare that we should absolutely reject the drowning of puppies and kittens.

What’s to disagree about on health care with dignity? Among intelligent American citizens, there is no disagreement that targeted reform will elevate health care and help those most in need.

But the point of this exercise launched by the Obama Socialist movement is not to state the obvious. It is the opening chess move toward “re-framing” the health care debate. The Obamatrons want health care reduced to a war between Compassion and Indifference. Americans will reject this.

Why? No matter how angry my liberal friends might make me in the heat of debate, I would always die for them because they are Americans first. Let me say it again. I will give up my life for you. Were it down to me, Osama bin Laden and Teddy Kennedy, I would give my life in order that Osama was road kill and Teddy had the thrill of one more dry Gibson on the veranda on the family compound. Patriots never compromise. Teddy was right. The dream will never die. What matters is that we cling to the dream.

So, in that spirit, let us resolve together, as Patriots, that we will not be duped on this all important issue of health care.

If we rise up and demand that our Government, the IRS and the cloud of frivolous law suits step out of the way, stay clear of our lives, then we can be assured that an individual’s life’s work will not be measured by tax brackets, and that wealth accumulation will not be vilified. And when we arrive at this moment the likelihood of Americans facing death because they can’t write a check for comprehensive coverage or Americans going broke to pay physician and hospitals will be, at best, remote.

I am confident that when we allow productive Americans to control their income we will enter an era in which the few million Americans lacking health care will be protected and nurtured by the rest of us, through carefully managed and administered federal programs that can’t be exploited by illegal immigrants or by the “entitlement class”.

My pledge stands. If I will die for you, I will vigorously defend programs that sustain life with dignity.

We have common ground. It is called American soil.

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Anonymous said...

Your optimism is impressive. It does not seem realistic to me. What would all of your conservative reforms do about policies with annual and lifetime benefit maximums, about cancellation (or non renewal) of policies when people get sick, about out-of-pocket maximums that do not apply to certain diseases? These and a number of other injustices in the current system have nothing to do with the problems you list, and everything to do with greed.