Security, Liberty and Google

Go ahead dear reader, search the internets for the phrase "security liberty false choice." You'll find links-a-plenty to speeches, essays and editorials ad nauseum telling us, during the GWB years, that the trade off between the two is a false construct, shoved down our throats only by a fear-mongering neo-conservative cabal. We shouldn't have to choose says Holder, Obama, Daily Kos, the ABA and any of the other applicable 120,000 hits Google so courteously provides.

Now that the right (and, to be frank, some of it seriously loony*) is pounding on the door, pitchforks and torches in hand, check out Speaker Pelosi's view on a choice no great nation should ever have to make, or so we thought:
"I think we all have to take action and responsibility for our words — we are a free country and this balance between freedom and safety is one that we, um, have to carefully balance," said Pelosi."
The (thrown) shoe is now on the other foot.

*direct comparisons of POTUS, D or R, to Hitler are de facto loony

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