Obama ally Gov. Deval Patrick may have gotten a bit more than he bargained for when he brought to bear the full weight of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts upon Hyatt for firing 100 housekeepers. See, Hyatt is mostly owned by Chicago's Pritzker family, and Penny Pritzker chaired Obama's campaign finance committee. Unknown is whether the hotels in question are company owned, franchises or a blend.

If I'm Rahm Emanuel, I'm thinking that when Obama and Patrick were on the phone discussing how to change the rules after the game has started, Patrick could have done Obama a favor and brought this up.

Oh well, Robert Byrd is pretty sick. Maybe they'll get another chance at this.

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Johnny Keynes said...

This is the kind of story that I just drool over. Unwitting fools like Pritzker were nothing more than a tool. Although, one has to wonder if it makes much of a difference to her and her family. They and their posterity are set for life while the state of Massachusetts does more to harm the housekeepers that did NOT loose their jobs than anyone managing Hyatt ever did.