Why Pick on John Kerry?

Today's Rocky Mountain News is the last. Because Rightsideproject's overhead on a per reader basis is substantially lower than the Rocky Mountain News', we continue while RMN doesn't. Simple equation, doesn't take much effort to calculate or understand.

Unless of course you're a Senator from Massachusetts who chairs the Senate Finance Subcommittee on the Blindingly Obvious and "predicted 'this won't be the last in this unfortunate trend in the newspaper business' and pledged to 'take a hard and close look' in his capacity as chairman of a committee on communication, technology and the Internet."

What are you going to look at, Sen.? Craigslist gives away for free what newspapers have to sell. Google News aggregates stories for free. Technology has destroyed the newspaper business model, video killed the radio star, call it what you want. Go do something else.

On second thought, given the Obama budget maybe it's better if Sen. Kerry spends time taking a hard, close look at stopping the inevitable instead of working the budget.

Why pick on John Kerry?

Because it's easy and fun.

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