The Edwards Test

Today's WaPo and ChiTri each have cute, quaint editorials seeking the resignation of Sen. Roland "Drywall in a Suit" Burris (D-IL) given his repeated lies, misstatements and obfuscations about the germaine events preceding his appointment to the U.S. Senate by Gov. Milorad Blagojevich (yeah, that's his real name. Snaps to SLB).

A short note to my editorial friends: Burris could fail Edwin Edwards' dead girl/live boy test and he still wouldn't resign. Burris could be found with a live boy, pay for the kid's sex change operation, have her killed and he still wouldn't resign. Being either qualified or capable are irrelevant considerations for elected office in Illinois and Illinois politicians know it. Burris is far more interested in being a Senator than he is in being a useful one.

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