So now, even the number 2 Democrat in the Senate is calling for Sen. Roland Burris to resign. Yesterday, Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL) told Mr. Burris that he should step down. This is a surprisingly bold move from a man who has spent his entire political life lacking any courage. Sen. Durbin knows that Illinois' Democratic governor, Pat Quinn, has also told Sen. Burris to step and that Gov. Quinn now favors a special election to fill that seat. Should Mr. Burris resign his seat and a special election be held, there is an excellent chance for the Republicans to win the election, most likely in the form of Rep. Mark Kirk (R-10th Dist. IL).

Evidently, Mr. Burris' behavior is so bad that the Democratic leadership in the Senate can no longer support him, even if it means losing a seat. It really makes you wonder what the junior Senator from Illinois is saying on those tapes that the US Attorney is keeping under lock and key.

By refusing to resign, Mr. Burris is showing to all residents of Illinois that he is just like every other politician in that state, he's just there for personal gain and not for the people. By digging his heals in and refusing to step aside, Roland Burris is proving what a selfish, small and petty man he really is!

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