The Obama Doctrine

In announcing limitations on executive compensation for employees of financial institutions that receive government assistance, President Obama said, "But what gets people upset - and rightfully so - are executives being rewarded for failure. Especially when those rewards are subsidized by U.S. taxpayers." It is very upsetting when people are rewarded for failure at taxpayers' expense. As a matter of fact, I think that this is such a great policy, that from here on, it should be know as the "Obama Doctrine"! Finally, the President and I agree on something and we'll name it after him.

However, if Mr. Obama was serious about ending rewards for failure at taxpayers' expense and enforcing the Obama Doctrine, he would announce many new policies to end such abusive rewards. First, he'd issue an executive order ending all government handouts for failure enter the country legally. Border states in particular have come under increased financial stress due to a massive influx of illegal immigration in the 1990s and early 2000s. The states are required to provide heath care, welfare and education to illegal aliens. If this isn't taxpayers rewarding failure, nothing is.

Next, the President would remove all cabinet members who failed to comply with federal tax laws. These tax cheats, after all, are being subsidized by taxpayers' on two fronts. First, they have shifted the burden of taxation to those of us who comply with the tax law. Next, they have been rewarded with a federal salary. This type of failure is not worthy of taxpayers' subsidy.

Of course, the Obama administration will immediately issue regulations ending the SCHIP program. Under the Obama Doctrine, it makes no sense for taxpayers to subsidize parents who have children that they fail to afford.

I guess GM, Ford and Chrysler better not be looking for anymore TARP money. The Obama Doctrine cannot allow the failed business model of the Big 3 to continue at the expense of the American taxpayers. Who would have thought that the car makers would have better luck getting money out of the Bush Administration - not me.

I hope that the President isn't going to extend unemployment compensation for those who lost their jobs and have failed to find new ones. As we know, employers pay unemployment insurance premiums for each employee. When someone loses his job, he is entitled to that insurance. But, if that worker fails to find new work within the proscribed time and that time is extended by the federal government, it's just another example of taxpayers subsidizing failure.

I'm glad that in only two weeks in office, the President has acted boldly enough to actually have a doctrine named after him. Think about it. It took George W. Bush at least one year and a major event that changed the world as we know it in order to have Charles Krauthammer coin the Bush Doctrine.


CJ said...

I wanna know when A-Rod is going to have to give the Yankees back his millions for failing to win them another World Series while he has played for them. Do you think Obama means that kind of failure as well? Or is it just the populist kind that sounds good to the masses? All I am asking for is a little consistency.

CJ said...

Oh, and Charlie Weis! Is he gonna give it back? Will his pay be limited for all of his suckiness?