Gov. Pat Quinn Takes The High Road

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has asked Sen. Wallpaper to step down. The former is right for doing it, the latter will, rest assured, under no circumstances voluntarily step down. Honor, integrity, confidence and intellect are trivialities to Illinois politicians and will continue that way for as long as voters reward them with reelection.

Forty nine states consider today a sad reminder of the vomitorium that is Illinois politics. In Springfield, it's just another Friday.

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Stu Cohn said...

I wouldn't give the Illinois way of doing business such prominence. As others pointed out, when Gov. Patterson of N.Y. was playing footsie with Caroline Kennedy to replace Sen. Clinton (with the open acknowledgment that Ms. Kennedy's fundraising prowess was a [if not the] major draw for the Governor), the only difference between Patterson and Blago was that Patterson had the good taste to conduct a silent auction. I'm with Dennis Miller when he said he assumes that any time two politicians are talking on the phone, the substance of the conversation differs little from that revealed on Fitzgerald's tapes.