Ring the Biden Patriot-o-meter!

Why is the Obama administration recruiting so many unpatriotic people?

First, the "to be fair" part of this post:
  1. A taxpayer can easily make an honest mistake when filing taxes
  2. An honest mistake shouldn't automatically disqualify someone for appointed office
  3. People with a highly specialized skill should be afforded a little slack, given the personal sacrifices demanded of them when serving in a big time public position.
  4. Republicans should tread carefully on this issue. It will, Democrats' efforts to the contrary notwithstanding, bite them one day again as well.
Now, the "tough s**t" part of this post:
  1. Hypocrisy is coin of the realm in Washington. Our friends on the left are bathed in it just like they, justifiably, claim Republicans are.
  2. Anyone reading this blog would be subject to prosecution for Tom Daschle's tax evasion, not toasted by his slobbering former clubmates.
  3. Only reckless disregard explains why Tom Daschle, a former member of the Senate Finance Committee, neither filed nor paid legally owed taxes. His choices demonstrate he's too flawed to serve.
I wonder why voters are so cynical?

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