When He's Right, He's Right

Since we spend much of our time here at RSP criticizing the Obama Administration, it is only fair when we congratulate them when they are correct. Therefore, the President should be commended for changing his mind and deciding to fight the release of the prisoner abuse photos that the had previously agreed to release. The word on the street is that the change of heart was due to extensive lobbying by the generals in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Central Command.

The next question, however, is how vigorously will he try to stop the release. He may try to fight it in court. This could include appears all the way to the Supreme Court. However, if the court challenges fail, the President has it within his power to issue an executive order to prevent the release. So far, he has not issued such an order and there has been no confirmation that he will. Let’s hope that he continues to make sound judgments regarding national security and, if necessary, he issue this executive order.

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Chris Janc said...

His conduct will also tell us whether he is doing this out of political expediency after the reaction to the release of the torture memos or if he actually listened to his generals and believes this represents a danger to our troops.

Stay tuned.