NYC - Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I think that we should take a poll - should I or should I not travel to New York City next week as planned. We know how Vice President Joe Biden would vote in the poll – No travel to NYC! According to the Vice President, I should stay home, huddled far away from others. No travel by airplanes or trains. I should not be out working, buying lunch and dinner, spending money in stores or walking among the masses. This is, of course, much easier when Air Force Two and Secret Service motorcades are at your disposal.

No American has died of the disease and all of the cases in the US are said to be mild. Certainly, the government needs to take the swine flu outbreak seriously. And, according to President Obama, the nation is prepared to deal with this public health issue due to the actions of the Bush Administration.

However, does taking the swine flu outbreak seriously mean that we should live as a nation of hermits? The reaction that Mr. Biden has suggested is an end to commerce. Does that benefit the country, especially at a time of recession? I think not.

It is curious that the Vice President thinks that we should all stay home and avoid travel, work and socializing, but he does not want to close the border with Mexico, the country of origin for the outbreak. Why would you suppose that is – political correctness over public health, perhaps?

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The Conservative Soldier said...

Biden is being cast in a new Hollywood film entitled, The Sick Sense, in which his only line is, "I see stupid people."