Trouble In Our Day

So weary am I, dear Conservative Patriots, of fellow Americans lacking conviction, resolve and spine that I willingly step into perilous territory, inspired by the challenge of my self-appointed task. I was going to take a pass on courageous Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) until I was reminded of the words of Thomas Paine in 1776.

In the final days of that historic year, the revolutionary Paine said, "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace."

Indeed, there is trouble, and it is of a magnitude rarely seen during these past 233 years. Again, to quote one wiser than myself, I was struck by the words of modern revolutionary Andrew Breitbart in today's Washington Times: "On college campuses, in newsrooms and now in the highest corridors of power, with Barack Obama in the Oval Office, the politically correct left is wielding its weaponry with the confidence that it can take down any group, anyone or anything."

Exhibit A: Perella Weinberg Partners, one of the investment banks carrying Chrysler Corp. debt.

Exhibit B: Rep. Foxx, who dared to call the premise behind a so-called hate crimes bill passed by the House last week precisely what the premise is, a hoax.

Exhibit C: Rep. Judy Biggert (R-IL), who wrote to constituents by email warning of automated calls circulating through her Congressional district (13th) containing falsehoods about her voting record.

In Exhibit A, a bankruptcy lawyer told ABC News that a senior Obama White House official threatened to use the "full force of the White House press corps" to "destroy (the firm's) reputation" if Perella Weinberg refused to support the White House-led Chrysler bankruptcy plan. The Obamatrons could not stomach the idea that the greedy investment bankers at this and other firms refused to forgive Chrysler's debt at 29 cents on the dollar.

By the way, that's 29 cents on a lot of dollars -- 6.8 billion with a B.

More terrifying than the White House's meddling is its absolute confidence that the press would readily comply with and be manipulated by Obama insiders passing out "tidbits" intended to the discredit the firm. But of course information consumers have come to expect no less.

It is sad to watch American media icons collapse under their financial ineptitude (yes, even the New York Times); it is alarming to see them becoming even more ethically bankrupt in their fervor to spread Obama's tentacles everywhere to ensure his "greatness" will be firmly rooted.

Seems it is perfectly OK for Obamatrons to carry a deeply held hatred of Capitalists and their profit making ways. On the other hand, Democrats in the House of Representatives went on record last week that they have zero tolerance for disdain of other varieties.

The Liberal Dems want to redefine what it means to commit a hate crime in America, and to support their mission they re-visited the most extreme example they could find of bad guys doing really bad things to an innocent guy. They went back to the 1998 murder of a Wyoming resident named Matthew Shepard.

Rep. Foxx called upon the Audacity of Truth, in remarks on the floor of the House, in firmly rejecting the claim that Shepard is an authentic poster boy for hate crime legislation. He was murdered by drug-crazed punks coming off a "five-day (methamphetamine) binge," as Breitbart describes them. There is no clear evidence that the meth heads knew Shepard was gay. But the brilliant Left believes it to be the truth, so beware dissenters, beware.

While Foxx said nothing to diminish the awful circumstances of Shepard's death 11 years ago -- he was beaten to death and the guys who did it are in prison for life -- she boldly proclaimed that using this case to prove the necessity for tougher hate crime legislation represents the carrying out of a "hoax" by fellow lawmakers.

She was deriding their disingenuous agenda, and yet (can't you see this coming?) was instantly accused of calling Shepard's death a "hoax" in and of itself, which clearly it was not and never has been suspected to be. Nonetheless, Foxx decided she had to issue an apology and wander into the "what I meant to say" minefield, where only Vice President Joe (Ought to be Hidin') Biden is safe, apparently.

If the rigid hate crime definitions become part of the law of the land -- and this is where Foxx makes a legitimate objection -- you can be sure that any political, social, religious or cause-driven position that opposes gay marriage or supports something as extremist as, say, the observance of the Christmas season, to name two, will be attacked by outraged liberals as "hate speech" and accused of inciting "hate crimes". Where this leads, as Breitbart concludes, is to tortuous, Orwellian political correctness and emboldened thought police squads around every corner.

The Obama thought police apparently are after Rep. Biggert of Illinois, who in her recent email expressed a concern that she is being punished for opposing Obama's runaway spending. She is being punished, in other words, for standing firm on that principle the she will not mortgage the future of her grandchildren -- or yours -- to achieve ideological supremacy in the present.

"This past week a liberal 527 group paid for automated phone calls into my district lying about my record," Biggert wrote. "If one stands up to the D.C. Democrat Machine, then they start rattling their sabers and sending their goons after you. In fact, they are using the web to spread lies that I am retiring. Their games are not about the issues."

On one point, I disagree with Rep. Biggert. These are not games. What we see with more clarity, with every passing day, every hour, is a calculated assault on American values, a jack hammering of our bedrock principles.

If you defend Capitalism, you will be threatened in the remote corners of the corridors of power. If you embrace marriage as a legal union between a man and woman, you are stoking the embers of hatred. If you oppose massive federal spending intended to create an unsustainable Entitlement Class, you will be singled out, targeted, and maligned in your own backyard.

Take heart. We are here 233 years after Paine and his fellow founders welcomed the battles before them because Americans are not timid when staring into the face of freedom's enemies. Indeed, we know we will prevail.

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