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Newsweek, once a fantastic magazine and now mostly just average and partisan, like just about all of its competition, has decided to reinvent itself. Good for them. News is a commodity now and we're all a tiny bit worse off for it. If they've something new to add I hope it works. Odds are long, but it's worth a shot. I find the magazine reflexively partisan (in its reporting, that is. Opinion pieces should be just that), embracing and defending code words to the left's liking. No big whoop, they've got to sell product to keep the lights on just like everyone else and it's not like there aren't conservative voices elsewhere.

But this passage from the linked article cracked me up (emphasis mine):
We'll aim to be provocative, but not partisan. Readers will find more essays like Jon's recent cover story "The Decline and Fall of Christian America," or Evan Thomas's profile of Paul Krugman, the toughest liberal critic of President Obama.
As examples of Newsweek's nonpartisanship they highlight stories about the fall of core Republican support and an economist who scolds Obama for not being liberal enough.

If that's nonpartisan, what, then, do the editors consider partisan?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe a story on Republicans who consider McCain a liberal?