Speaker Pelosi Makes Funny Talk

See if you can follow the ever evolving positions of Speaker Pelosi, ordinarily a blackbelt level CYA artist. Trust me, it'll make your brain spin on its x-axis.

Square that with this quote from Thursday's NYT (emphasis mine):
The House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, acknowledged for the first time Thursday that she knew by early 2003 that the Central Intelligence Agency had subjected terror detainees to waterboarding but saw little recourse to challenge the practice except by achieving Democratic control of Congress and the White House.
Krauthammer helps clarify:

Never let 'em see you sweat.

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Chris Janc said...

My, do I love Krauthammer!

Two other points:

i) Pelosi's claim that there was nothing she could do is simply nothing more than a lie, as evidenced by Rep Jane Harman (D-CA)having gone out on a limb herself and telling Pelosi she was going to do so beforehand. I also dig Pelosi making this the moment she decided Dems needed to take back the Presidency and the WH...as if it was not an all consuming passion of hers from the day she first won election to office.

ii) We need to call Pelosi out on her claim (once again) that the "imminent threat" that was claimed by the WH did not exist...there never was such a claim. In fact the WH said we needed to act BEFORE there was an imminent threat.