HCSI: America

Get ready for a new tide of "hate crime" victims across America.

(REUTERS) The current law, enacted four decades ago, limits federal jurisdiction over hate crimes to assaults based on race, color, religion or national origin. The (2009) bill would lift a requirement that a victim had to be attacked while engaged in a federally protected activity, like attending school, for it to be a federal hate crime.

If the bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives today actually becomes law (as B. Hussein Obama intends), playground banter between kids at school, for example, could become subject to closer "scrutiny", shall we say. Do not send your child to summer camp without trailing legal counsel.

Or, let's imagine you are a passenger on a commercial flight and become frustrated by the demeanor and attitude of a flight attendant (a scenario requiring no imagination, whatsoever). You let her know about it. Today, they call it air rage. Tomorrow, it's a hate crime, Mister!

Your waiter drops dinner all over your lap and you, the customer, suggest he is an idiot. Hate crime.

You attend a school board meeting and publicly challenge the competence of a board member. Hate crime.

Any hint by an employer that an extremely obese person is incapable of performing his job. Hate crime.

Bloggers, in fact, likely will face accusations of being hate criminals each time a new post appears.

The expanding Victim Class will be lining up around the block to file its claims. Where will it end?

It won't.

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Johnny Keynes said...

What is so pernicious about these laws is that they presume to know the mind of the "offender". This is a very mild form of "thought crime", which is really the next logical step in the progression.

Very frightening.