Gee, Congressional Leaders Knew About Important Stuff AT THE TIME?

Among the many ridiculous left-wing tropes about W., the most ridiculous was that he was a dictator, or worse a reincarnation of. . . .the "H" word (for the record, calling BHO a socialist or a communist is just as stupid). If you can call the leader a dictator with exactly zero possibility of official reprisal, the leader can't possibly be a dictator.

Well, here's another little bit of water to toss on the flamethrowing left. It turns out Congressional leadership was, in rough concurrence, informed by intelligence officials of an alleged domestic wiretap on a fellow member of Congress. No word if then-Minority Leader Pelosi objected, but if she did it's not reported in the story (I'm confident it's something a CYA expert like Pelosi would mention).

No word on Olbermann's apology.


Chris Janc said...

I am not an extremist, as I think you know. First, I don't think it is a stretch to call PBO a Socialist. His programs and plans would push this nation to an economy very similar to what would be considered the model of "European Socialism" and even Sweden, yes, Sweden, has taken exception to some of our policies. When viewed from this perspective, the term socialist seems to be at least worthy of honest discussion.

Second, to say that calling Obama a socialist is the equivalent of calling someone Hitler is a bit of a stretch, don't you think? One killed 6 million Jews, the other simply stunted economic growth in most of Europe.

The Daily Pander said...

I think it's stupid to call BHO a socialist because it's pure hyperbole and distracts from legitimate criticism. Real socialists don't think he's a socialist.

But, I'll concede on point. Calling W. Hitler is much worse than calling BHO a socialist. If nothing else, to this day there are more places in which socialist is a compliment.

Chris Janc said...

I only partly agree with you. Yes, many on the right use "socialist" in a hyperbolic manner, but there are also very serious-minded analysts that use it to describe the overall vision of government his administration has for the US and, therefore, apply it to him. Compared to the Reagan philosophy, is it not socialist? If not, how would you describe it?

To your point, certainly, comparing BHO to a Bernie Sanders is not as offensive as calling someone Hitler.