The Apologizer In Chief

Barack Hussein Obama’s European adventure provides shocking proof that he has been transformed from a mostly harmless Chicago community organizer and political pawn into an incredibly dangerous President of the United States, who is ashamed of his country and awed by leaders and figureheads of lesser nations.

He is running around the world as our new Apologizer in Chief. Of course, his counterparts and, especially, his enemies are eating it up.

On the other side of the world, the little puppet dictator in North Korea who does whatever China wants him to do, Kim Jong-il, carries out a nuclear missile test launch. Clearly this provocative act was timed to coincide with Obama’s high profile European appearances.

The launch occurs as Obama is sleeping in Prague, but he did not seem to have shaken off the cobwebs later when, predictably, calling for a United Nations resolution denouncing North Korea. Yep, good one, Barry. That UN threat thing always works.

In Ankara, Turkey, today, Obama says the United States “is not and never will be at war with Islam” and goes on to praise contributions by the Islamic culture within U.S. society. When did anyone suggest we, the U.S. military, are at war with Islam? He misses the point, just as so many Europeans nations now awash if not drowning in Islamic multiculturalism miss the point.

If the United States wishes to preserve its Judeo-Christian culture, it must resist the tide of Islam because it is indeed a tide, not a ripple, not a mere bonanza for mosque builders here at home. But we also must be stringent in demanding of peaceful Islamic nations that they take full responsibility for reigning in and some day eliminating radical factions that manipulate Islam as justification for mass murder of Americans and others. We are NOT in this together. These radical killers are their people, not ours.

In Strasbourg, France, last week, Obama apologized for times when America has “shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.” If this is not a wake up call for core values Americans then I guess Obama needs to write his next apologist Tele-Prompter speech across the face of a sledge hammer.

The French are the last people on earth who need to be reminded that the bravery of Americans has saved tens of millions of people from certain devastation. If our zero tolerance toward the suppression of liberty is misperceived as swaggering arrogance, so be it. But the President of the United States, at least any legitimate President, does not stand upon French soil and apologize — for anything. Once again, Obama is spitting in the faces (or on the corpses) of our military men and women, and the proud veterans, the Greatest Generation, who came before them.

By the way, check the news wires in the next few days and see which country steps in first to assist Italy in providing relief to victims of Monday’s earthquake. It won’t be France. (Oops, too late, this just in. The U.S. already has cut the first relief check).

Our humiliation knows no end. Every moment Obama is loose on foreign soil a nail is driven into the coffin, threatening America’s well deserved stature as a global superpower.

Last week at the G20 Summit in London, B. Hussein Obama, the PRESIDENT OF THE FRICKIN’ UNITED STATES BOWED TO KING OF SAUDI ARABIA. Bowed. It appears he also kissed King Abdullah’s hand while he was down there, robe sniffing. I am surprised Obama didn’t ask the King to turn around for a second bow. From whence does this instinct come? I think we know. Take away a few oil fields and King A. might as well be Mr. T.

And, finally, Obama had this to say about his Hemispheric Homey, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (who you’ll never see as an answer on Wheel of Fortune unless they dramatically expand the studio).

“I love this guy,” Obama said at the G20 event as they made like frat boys in front of cameras. “He’s the most popular politician on Earth.”

Mr. Popularity earlier in the week, however, did not score points in the diplomacy, taste and racism categories. His comments about the cause of the global economic crisis were largely downplayed by the mainstream left wingers in the mass media at the G20 Summit. Naturally.

“This crisis was caused by the irrational behavior of white people with blue eyes, who before the crisis appeared to know everything and now demonstrate they know nothing,” Lula da Silva said in a press conference. (Clinging to guns and religion while batting their baby blues, he forgot to add).

Heckuva job, Silvy. Heckuva job. I just wonder how President Obama stifled a bow when he ran into you later.

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