The First 100 Days - A Foreign Policy Review

Last week began with the mainstream media announcing that President Obama had passed his first test in regard to a foreign crisis, that being the killing of the three Somali pirates who were holding Capt. Richard Phillips hostage. Of course, the good captain was hold for four days and the Navy’s rules of engagement only allowed for them to use deadly force if the captain’s life was in imminent danger. The President has still refused to allow the United States Military to take care of the pirate situation once and for all. As reported in the New York Post and mentioned at RSP on April 12, the US Special Forces Command has just a plan that can be accomplished in just three days.

What was the result of Mr. Obama’s failure to take decisive action against the pirates in the immediate aftermath of the Maersk Alabama incident - within 24 hours of Capt. Phillips’ rescue, another US flagged merchant ship came under attack of Somali pirates. Only this time, the pirates used rocket propelled grenades and heavy machine guns in their unsuccessful attempt. In a further show of weakness, on Wednesday, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton announced her solution to the piracy problem, US foreign aid to Somalia. Sounds like the pirates have something to worry about now.

Meanwhile, North Korea launches a ballistic missile and the Obama Administration runs to the United Nations. There, members of the Security Council announce in advance of the meetings that they will not agree to sanctions. About a week later, they agree to the release of a “Presidential Statement” that offers nothing in the way a solution to prevent them from putting a nuclear bomb on the top of the next missile that is launched.

While Mr. Obama is worshipping at the alter of the United Nations, our neighbor to the South, Mexico, is in the midst of a narco-insurgency that’s made some of its major cities ungovernable. Some of the narco-violence has already spilled across our Southern border and into the United States. The President’s solution, blame the United States for the gun violence down there by using a static of the number of guns being imported to Mexico from the US that is completely and provably false.

The President continues to attempt to “engage” Iran. The longer the Iranian regime can play footsie with the West, the greater their chances of developing a nuclear weapon. Time is on the side of Iran, not those who hope to prevent the development of and Iran nuclear weapon. Talk is cheap, Mr. President, especially when time is on the side of the enemy.

In the Palestinian territories, Mr. Obama has rewarded the terrorists with $900,000,000 in aid. How much of this will be captured by Hamas and used to fund the killing of Israelis? My guess is that it will be substantial.

The War on Terror continues, I guess, although we don't call it the War on Terror anymore. The closing of Guantanamo Bay without a plan makes me wonder if this administration has an overall plan for the War formerly known as the War on Terror. The release of the so called "Torture Memos" this past week does not help our prosecution of this war. It both exposes our enemies to our methods and tactics while hurting the moral of the brave men and women engaged in this war. (And, it is a canard to say that since all of this information has been reported in the press for years, no harm has been done. By this logic, any classified information that was ever reported in the press would immediately be declassified and fully made available for public viewing. The official release of declassified information has a much different effect than press accounts. The fact that Administration officials fail to realize this is more than troubling.)
While President Obama is on foreign trips blaming the United States for all of the world’s ills, he has yet to take any action that will make us safer – which, by the way, is his principal responsibility as Commander-in-Chief. The President can open up dialog with any country that he wishes and he can blame America for anything he wants. However, he will be judged, in large part, on whether or not he can keep the homeland safe. Time will tell. But remember, President Reagan effectively used the strategy of “Peace Through Strength” to end the Cold War. Thus far, I don’t see any strength in the Obama foreign policy.

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