The Real Victims

Mark Steyn is the country's premier columnist regarding the war on terror and Islamic extremism. In his December 5 column, he eloquently explains one of the major impediments to our victory in the War on Terror - the portrayal by the main stream media and the liberal elites of Muslims as victims, or potential victims, of the war. In fact, it is Jews, Hindus and Christians (or any infidel, really) who are the victims of the war. Since the beginning of the War on Terror (September 11, 2001), I have no recollection of any Jew or Christian causing mass death among a Muslim civilian population.

As Steyn points out, is it really a coincidence that the only Rabbi in all of Bombay was captured, tortured and murdered by Islamic terrorists? I doubt it.

The so called "Muslim World" is filled with rage over Danish cartoons and false stories about Korans in a toilet. There are protests in the streets about these things. But yet, there is no outrage in the Muslim World over the killing of hundreds of people in the buildings of Bombay, the murder of commuters going to work on the subways of London and Madrid or the murder of thousands of US citizens who had the misfortune of working in the World Trade Center.

I do not remember a single protest in Saudi ruled Arabia over 9/11. However, I do remember people taking to the streets in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in celebration of the attacks of 9/11. Hardly the actions of moderates.

Time and again, "moderate" Muslims stand by and do nothing when atrocities are committed in the name of their god. As such, they are complicit in these acts. It is far past the time for those in the Saudi funded madrasahs in this country and across the world, if they are truly moderates, to stand up to the terrorists and tell them no more. No more will this behavior be tolerated. They must cooperate with the authorities to put a stop to attacks on innocent people across the globe. Until they do and the terrorist acts cease, the real victims of the war will be all of us.

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