Two More Bits More on Caroline

1) Michael Goodwin of the NY Daily News has written a fantastic article about Caroline Kennedy's utter, complete and total lack of qualifications for the NY Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. My only regret is the time I spent writing my own critique. If he'd written his sooner I could have just passed the link along and gone out and had fun with my kids. His dissection her appointancy's (it can't be called a candidacy can it?) pure fakery is enough to get me to subscribe to the NYDN.

She has no political or policy experience, she ducks the press, she can't/won't outline if her views in any way diverge from party orthodoxy (yet she claims to be an independent thinker), refuses to disclose personal holdings and brings nothing nothing nothing nothing other than lucky sperm club credentials to the job. Nothing.



If she's so ideal as a Senator, then she should run for election in two years and have to sell herself to the electorate just like anyone else. But, she's not so she won't.

Great job Michael Goodwin.

2) Caroline Kennedy, you know, inventing empty, vacuous qualifications for, you know, the United States Senate which, you know, she has and which, you know, just about any college educated adult, you know, has:


Rational said...

The only response I have to that is "No, I don't know."

Anonymous said...

In the grand scheme of things, since I'm lucky enough to reside in the great state of Blago, so I don't give a rat's a** about who represents New York in the U.S. Senate. However, we should feel sorry for New Yorkers if they elect her. On the other hand, we were dumb enough to elect Blago and he's screwed up the entire state. I don't think that Caroline can do that in New York.