The Trip to the Middle East

As President Obama gets ready for his first presidential trip to the Middle East, I am afraid that it will just be a continuation of the Obama apology tour that began with his European trip last April and continued with his South American trip later that month.

The President is scheduled to deliver a major speech in Cairo on Thursday. Hopefully, the content of the speech will not signal the weakness that this President demonstrated in his first official Presidential interview (you know, the one with the Arab network, Al Arabiya). The time for speaking of mutual respect is over. America has shown the utmost respect for the Muslim world with the showing of very little respect in return. Thousands of American lives have been lost in the liberation of Muslims across the globe – remember the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan.

Mr. Obama should demand that the so called Muslim world assist us in the War on Terror. Extremists must be stopped all across the Middle East. The regimes in the Arab countries should be told that they must not aide and abet terrorists. Their banks can no longer be used as conduits to fund the Islamist ideology. The education in the Arab schools must stop demonizing America and Israel. The curricula in these schools must be expanded beyond Koranic studies and include the skills that will enable the children to compete in the global market place.

President Obama should also speak of the goal of replacing the dictatorial regimes that currently occupy the seats of power in the Middle East with those of freely elected. He must remind them that free elections do not mean one man, one vote, one time.

The President should explain to our Arab friends that a nuclear armed Iran benefits no one, including them. The Iranians are no friends of the Saudis or the Egyptians. The mullahs in Iran have exported trouble to these nations and others across the region. Nuclear weapons only add to the potential for trouble. Therefore, our allies should assist in pressuring the Iranian government so that they cannot continue with their nuclear program.

Unfortunately, the early signals of Mr. Obama’s trip are not reassuring. His decision to not stop in Israel is troubling, to say the least. It sends the wrong signal when the President of the United States refuses to make a stop to visit our only democratic ally in region. Instead, he’d rather spend more time bowing and kowtowing to the King of Saudi ruled Arabia.

I hope that the Presidential snub of Israel does not signal an end to our sixty year support of that nation. However, this coupled with some of President Obama’s actions makes one wonder. For instance, isn’t it odd that the President is said to be outraged by the Israeli settlements in the West Bank while showing no such outrage over the Iranian nuclear program, which, of course, presents a clear and present danger to our national security (not to mention the security of our allies).

Once again President Obama is stepping front and center on the world stage. He has a choice. He can use it to send a clear message to our enemies (like Iran, North Korea and Al Qaeda) that we are strong and will defend our interests and those of our democratic allies. Or, he can use it to continue his role as apologizer-in-chief. Mr. President, it is up to you. But, remember, this time, the security of our nation may be at hand.

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