Make It Stop. . . .

Courtesy of Center Right News comes the following clip of Sarah Palin's interview on Fox News this weekend. I'm sure I'll piss off any number of my fellow travelers, but can we just admit despite being savaged by a merciless, elitist, condescending press, she's a lightweight who on her best day mostly just spits out cliches and talking points stuffed into her head by her handlers (badly, I might add) with few original, let alone informed, thoughts? She's probably great at privately navigating the egos of Alaska's political culture but in public she's totally cringeworthy.

There, I said it. I feel much better.


Fergie Jenkins said...

Pander-- Gov. Palin had some good moments and some not so good moments with Hannity. While your comment is not entirely unfair, the thrust of it is misplaced and slightly self-flagellating. Check out John Hinderaker's comment on the same subject on Powerline -- http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2009/06/023767.php?format=print.

Thanks to Obama and the congressional Democrats, both the immediate and second successors to the presidency are laughingstocks and national embarrassments, and the state media covers up for all of them. You need to get more pissed at the right people.

The Daily Pander said...


Getting irritated at SP doesn't mean I lack irritation at others and have expressed it repeatedly on this blog. Currently, SP is harmless. Annoying, but harmless. She could be much worse.

Just like the left is (or should be) breathing a sigh of relief that Terry McAuliffe lost last night, conservatives should do the same when SP finally disappears into the cold Alaska night.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you DP. I get the appeal as a spokesperson for those the party represents but she does not have the intellectual heft to handle the job of president and to consider her a realistic candidate is silly.

I also wholeheartedly concur with your analysis of the Hannity appearance. I viewed Hanniy as more presidential than Palin.