One, and Only One, Post About Michael Jackson

Greatly it pains me to comment on the death of Michael Jackson. Far more moved was I by the death of Farrah Fawcett, who's iconic poster debuted only a few years before I entered prime teenage boyhood. MJ, talented beyond description, was a serial head case (that's the charitable interpretation) who's proclivities toward defenseless kids, though enabled by their parents, render disqualification from decent society.

On to the comment. Privately last week, I told fellow RSPer Steven L. Baerson the MJ story had jumped the shark when Rev. JJ started seeking answers. In my opinion, JJ's involvement instantly casts doubt on any otherwise meritorious claim. If an issue has teeth, get a lawyer not a carnival barker.

I was wrong. Not about JJ, but about the story jumping the shark. Apparently, and luckily for MJ's kids, he may not be the father. If the story is true, MJ's kids will one day be grateful that while they didn't get his talent they also sidestepped, at least biologically, the Jackson family freakshow.

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