The Left Likes Secret Ballots. Sometimes.

Britain's Labour demands a secret ballot to determine its leadership.

How un-Employee Free Choice Act of them.


Anonymous said...

The Employee Free Choice Act lets employees choose whether to use card check or a secret ballot. Currently employers have to right to call for a secret ballot. That is why it is called the EMPLOYEE free choice act.

1. Is it illegal for employers to fire, harass, and intimidate workers who are trying to organize a union?

2. Do employers break the law and do these things anyway?

3. Does government enforce the law?

The Daily Pander said...

1) Sometimes
2) Sometimes
3) Sometimes

1) Is it illegal for union organizers to harass and intimidate workers trying to organize a union (they can't fire them)?

2) Do union organizers break the law and do these things anyway?

3) Does government enforce the law?

I'll bet the answers are: sometimes, sometimes and sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Regarding 1), certainly there are a number of workers who do not want to be a part of a union. I'll bet there is also a significant number who want to be part of a union but are afraid to sign a card due to fear of being fired. But the motivation for a union to harass such workers is minimal; if their number is significant in an organizing drive, the employees can opt for a vote instead of card check. So while there may be some harassment by unions, it is clearly the lesser problem.