Ponzi Scheme? More Like "The Producers"

Lou left a comment about yesterday's The Daily Smokescreen, wondering if President Obama's budget is not just history's largest Ponzi scheme. I beg to differ.

It's history's largest Springtime for Hitler*.

In Mel Brooks' The Producers Springtime for Hitler was a Broadway musical fraudulently financed via multiple sales of 100% ownership interests in the production. Dozens of investors each thought she owned 100% of a musical producers Bialystock and Bloom believed so horrendous its failure was obvious. When, they hoped, it closed for good on opening night they'd be able to keep the unspent proceeds. Should the musical be a hit each investor would expect 100% of the profits, and you can't sell more than 100% of anything.

Unless of course we're talking about the Budget of the United States Government.

*Blog readers can be a little touchy, so for clarity's sake I'm not comparing Obama to Hitler. Obama's not Hitler in any way, shape, form, construct, manner or approach. His policies, politics, beliefs, ideals or preferences bear not the littlest nanocomparison to Hitler's.

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