Counting Cards

Previously I've posted about Obama's moderate rhetoric masking a highly partisan agenda with (EXAGGERATION ALERT) a mostly slobbering media unconditionally buying every last word. But Robert Samuelson, a lonely voice of sanity at NewPravda (i.e. the publication FKA Newsweek) hits the issue dead on here: Obama intends to use as cover a deeply troubled economy to push through pent-up leftist domestic policies. He promised to do it during the campaign, 56% of voters agreed and now he's doing it.

His Democratic majority in Congress loathes deficits, except when they're in charge. His Democratic majority in Congress cherishes open debate, except when they're in charge (as always, don't kid yourself conservatives, Republicans do the same damn thing). This is how Washington works: policy in service to power (no self-respecting politician offers a policy she thinks isn't in her political self-interest). The majority seeks to expand its power and the minority uses process to frustrate power (everybody loves process when the other guy is in charge).

If I were David Axelrod I'd tell Obama now is the time to implement the irreversible entitlement portion of the Left's social democracy agenda because:
  1. Approval ratings are high
  2. The press is still in love
  3. The competition is weak and rudderless
  4. A mega-crisis creates political space for expansive federal policy
If I were David Axelrod, I'd think a confluence of those four events is extraordinarily rare. If the economy recovers Obama will have even more runway to pursue his agenda and if it doesn't, public deference will likely collapse anyway. Think of it like counting cards in Blackjack. The whole point is to bet huge when the odds are most in the player's favor. The worst that can happen is the casino kicks you out.


Anonymous said...

Name the one lone leftist on Obama's economic team amongst all the Wall Streeters.

Steven L. Baerson said...

Obama, himself