Moderate Is As Moderate Does

Does the new Taliban constitution come from the moderates or the hardliners?  Should we say members of the Taliban that brutalize girls for reading in public to be from the "Taliban wing of the Taliban Party?"

I would love to ask President Obama for the name of a Talibani he considers moderate, just one name.  Of course, that person won't be thrilled with the answer.


Anonymous said...

I don't know the name of the Taliban moderates, but I am pretter sure they are not related to the Iranian moderates to whom Reagan had McFarlane bring a cake.

The Daily Pander said...


You are correct. It is folly to assume there are moderates amongst the lunatics. If only the hyperintelligent Obama could understand such a simple truth.

Frank said...

What are the objectives of our war in Afganistan?

How would you define victory there?

Is our current presence there (and in Iraq) making it easier or harder for "victory" to be achieved?

What if leaving either or both countries before victory is achieved would improve conditions there but cause the US to lose face (or the Arab/Persian equivalent)? Would that be an acceptable solution to the majority of the US population? To the inside the beltway pundits? To the Republican party? To the Democratic party?