I Was Told There Would Be No Math

Today President Obama gave a speech on federal education policy and put weight behind merit pay and charter schools. Other than 1) having been publicly educated and 2) having kids in public schools, I consider myself no more qualified to comment on education than anyone else with the same experience. I commend the President for challenging the dogma of his own supporters, something politicians rarely do in a serious way. President Obama deserves credit for pushing back against his own coalition.

He should, however, strongly encourage adult education, particularly rudimentary math, for Reps. George Miller and Nancy Pelosi.

You see, the stimulus package sold to the country in February was repeatedly advertised to save or create 4 million jobs. Today, House Dems heard from their own economists some bad news: it won't. More like up to 2.5 million jobs.

And how did Reps. Miller and Pelosi interpret that news?
"It appears we were about right that this will save or create a couple of million additional jobs."

Pelosi (through spokesman)
"The speaker had not changed her assessment that the stimulus will save or create 3.5 million jobs..."
To Miller, missing the target (an unprovable one no less) by 37.5% is "about right." Pelosi hears a smaller number than she prefers and just decides she doesn't like it, so sticks with the first one.

Can we earmark some adult education funds for Washington D.C.?

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