I've gotten into all sorts of arguments, some heated some not, with all sorts of people over the years about the definition of "rights." My position is that I do not have a "right" to something that someone else has to provide for me. Everything, other than sunlight and air, has a delivery cost that must be overcome. Food, cars, air conditioning, education. Everything. Plenty of people disagree with me.

But can we agree that two seats on an airplane for the price of one isn't a right if you're fat?

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Rational said...

Your timing is amazing. I was pondering this very issue as I was in the middle of land acquisition games on my armrest with the guy in 13D on the CRJ I was on at the moment you posted this (the contest was a draw. My opponent was not much of a tactician, using common, brutish methods such as the "elbow power slide" and the "forearm blanket". However, I have to give this guy lots of points for strategy...he deftly distracted me from our little chess match by spreading his legs out so that his foot intruded into my space on the floor. I was so flustered I had to lean forward to pull my briefcase out from under my seat as an excuse to bump his foot, completely taking my focus off of our little battle. When I sat back up, his elbow was poking me sharply in the ribs; he actually intruded into my seat space. It took overt pushing to get him back into his own territory...but I digress). Anyway, as I was playing these games and reading about this new development, I thought about how much easier my life would be if I just ate breakfast lunch and dinner at Lou Malnati's for the next year thereby obtaining my "right" to a second seat.