Dictionary of Political Code Words and Phrases

I'd like to create a running Dictionary of Political Code Words and Phrases. My preference is that it's nonpartisan (i.e. code words all politicians like to use). Here's an example of a phrase and my interpretation/definition:

Doesn't Get It
e.g. "My opponent just doesn't get it. The people are hurting..."
Definition: The other guy doesn't agree with the self-evident intelligence of my opinion. Converse: My opinion is the correct one. If it wasn't, I wouldn't have had it.

Submit suggestions as comments and I'll aggregate in a periodically updated post.


Steven L. Baerson said...

"Change" - What I think is the correct way of doing things and, by the way, I don't care what you think

Rational said...

In Touch/Out of Touch

e.g. "My opponent is out of touch with the American voters"

A rhetorical device used to convince the general public that, despite educational and life experiences that are completely out of the ordinary, they understand that keeping your seven homes stocked with Arugula has become extremely difficult in these economic times.