Luxury Without the Luxury

I am currently on vacation with my family in Southern California. We are staying in a very nice suite at a brand new luxury resort. Like most people, part of the luxury hotel experience for us is that we do not have to take care of most of our housekeeping chores. We don’t have to make the bed, empty the garbage, wash the towels or wash the sheets.

Well, after a full day out at an amusement park, we come back to our room around 5:30pm only to find the beds are unmade the garbage can is still full and the dirty towels are still in a pile on the floor. Housekeeping never made up the room. I, of course, thought that this was just an oversight by housekeeping – no problem at all, it happens. I figure I’ll call the front desk and they’ll send someone right over to make up the room.

So, I make the call and I’m told that while they are happy to send someone to take care of it, this is not their usual practice. Housekeeping only cleans and gives fresh towels daily if the guest affirmatively requests such service. Wait, I think that even a Motel 6 gives you fresh towels every day. Feeling about 99% certain as to the answer, I asked why this is the hotel’s policy. They told me it was their effort to make the hotel more “green”. I was right, I knew the answer. However, me being me, I said, “I see. Will you make up the room tomorrow too or do I need to call again in the morning?” I was assured that they would take care of it and I didn’t need to call again.

This is a major hotel chain gone nuts. Assuming that guests at a luxury resort would want to come back to unmade beds, full garbage cans and wet towels is out of line. A dirty hotel room with wet towels, garbage and unmade beds destroys the experience of, well, a luxury hotel. My wife would never let this happen at our house.

In a sane world, the resort’s policy would be that if a guest does not want the luxuries of a luxury hotel, he can opt out of the luxuries. He can tell the front desk don’t change my towels, I’ll use the wet ones. Don’t empty my garbage, I’ll let it overflow. Don’t make my bed, I’ll do it myself, just like when I’m at home. (Of course, this begs the question, why stay a luxury resort?)

I can’t help but wonder, how many of the guests who think that this policy is a good idea drive SUVs. Oh well, I’ll chalk this up to the fact that it’s California.


Rational said...

While I understand the idea of not having to wash the towels, how do a messed up bed and full trash cans make your experience more green? I think you have stumbled onto a new excuse to cut staff and justify it with the newest cost cutting rationale. Green = slobs?

Steven L. Baerson said...

I was wondering the same thing!