A Good Day All Around

Rio gets Olympics.

Kanye West/Lady Gaga tour cancelled.


Johnny Keynes said...

This seems like as good a spot as any to point out how, once again, Obama made this about him. Did he seriously believe that the IOC gave one wit about his desire to step out his front door with his family and walk to the opening ceremonies? How about talking about what Chicago can do for the Olympic movement? Other than have its unions and cronies bleed every last dime they could out of Olympic coffers.

Conservative Soldier said...

We know little about Barack Obama’s soul, and even less about the men and women who voted Friday to award the 2016 Olympic Games to Rio de Janeiro.

The mainstream U.S. and Chicago media made no effort to understand and report on the true nature of the IOC members, who they really are, how they think, and how they view the world over which they reign. This same media irresponsibly failed to explore the influences and forces that shaped the new American president.

And so we are left with an overwhelming emptiness nine months in.

No Hope. No Change. No Olympics.