Brilliant, just brilliant essay by Krauthammer.

He nails what serious conservative criticism should have been when Obama campaigned clearly (clearly, that is, to anyone who dared think beyond soundbites) that he intends to mute our influence abroad to finance hugely expansive social democratic ambitions at home.


Anonymous said...

Which part was brilliant? The part where he refers to Obama visiting foreign countries as a 'hajj'? Or the part where he calls the U.S. an accidental hegemon, and accuses Obama of choosing decline if he thinks it is good policy not to perpetuate the accident?

Fergie Jenkins said...

All of it, particularly Krauthammer's highlighting the characteristic partisan dishonesty of Obama's use of the war in Afghanistan as nothing more than a club with which to bash GWB.

Anonymous said...

I don't see where Krauthammer says anything about partisan dishonesty or Bush bashing, particularly in regards to Afghanistan.