Sen. Feingold Reads This Blog?

On Friday the following was posted on this blog:
Replacing a Senator is, per the 17th Amendment, the domain of each state's legislature, which can assign their Governor appointment power or hold elections. Knowing what we now know about Rod Delusionojevich, no governor should hold that sort of power. Inescapably Governors will embed, in fact elevate, their interests into the appointment, which are irrelevant compared to those of the voters.
Today, CNN.com reports that Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) intends to introduce an Amendment to the Constitution to replace gubernatorial appointment power of Senate replacements with mandated special elections. First, we got Caroline Kennedy to remove herself from consideration, now Sen. Feingold seeks to enshrine our view of the 17th Amendment into the Constitution of the United States.

Would you trust Gov. Eugene Gatling? That's who's running most state governments.

We're grateful and humbled.

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James Boccarossa said...

This might be the most influential blog in the country....