Disproportionate Ridiculousness

As Israel’s inept and corrupt Kadima led government has finally decided to defend its citizens, I can’t help but be amused by the reaction of most of the so called “world community”, including the American left. Their principal talking point is that Israel’s reaction to daily Hamas rocket attacks against its civilian is a “disproportionate” response to these terrorist attacks. If the situation were not so dire, I would be doubled over in laughter.

What exactly is a disproportionate response to the daily attempted murder of civilians? How long would the United State government sit back and allow daily rocket attacks to be launched from British Columbia into Washington State? I don’t know, maybe one hour (I assume that’s the time it would take for our military to scramble the nearest Air Force F-15 fighter). Besides, when it comes to military action, proportion is irrelevant. The goal should always be outright victory. That was the lesson of the Viet Nam War. It was a lesson that the Bush Administration forgot during the first half of the Iraq War. Fortunately, they finally remembered it and launched the surge.

The talking points go on to site the civilians deaths in Judah (aka the Gaza Strip) by the Israeli military actions. While the loss of civilian life in any military conflict is unfortunate and sad, the blame for it in this case squarely lies on the shoulders of Hamas. It was Hamas that intentionally decided to place its security apparatus in the middle of civilian establishments, including schools and hospitals. Of course, they did it purposely so that when Israel finally decided to defend itself, they could claim that Israel was committing war crimes by killing civilians. In a rational world, everyone, including the useful idiots of the UN, would realize that Hamas is a terrorist organization and that it is 100% responsible for the deaths of the civilians it was suppose to protect.

Of course, there are a couple of world leaders who have not fallen for this terrorist canard. The Bush Administration is once again clearly indicating that Israel is acting properly and is engaging in this action in self-defense. Gordon Brown’s Labour government in the United Kingdom has also not been fooled by the Hamas terrorists (although the larger European Union, under the current French Presidency, has).

I’m also enjoying the almost universal line that Israel needs to negotiate with Hamas. As a general rule, negotiation is important, but no one has ever been able to explain to me how you can negotiate with someone who’s principal belief is that you have no right to exist. Until Hamas expressly recognizes Israel’s right to exist (in public statements made in Arabic), negotiation is impossible and the Israelis would be foolish to try. This would be like the United State attempting to negotiate with Al Qaeda. It would be a waste of time and it would lend legitimacy to the terrorists.

I am skeptical of the motives for the current Israeli offensive. It is obviously a domestic political ploy. It is being done because it currently appears that Benjamin Netanyahu will win the next Israeli general election, scheduled for February. Remember, it was Mr. Netanyahu who correctly predicated that an Israeli withdrawal from Judah would result in increased Palestinian attacks. Evidently, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert finally realized that the Israeli citizens have had enough of daily terrorist attacks originating from Hamas controlled territory and that because of his failure to act, his chosen successor, Tzipi Livni, was going to loose badly in the election to a leader who would use the military assets at his disposal to end the attacks.

However, every once and awhile political ploys result in proper policies. It is about time that Mr. Olmert acted to protect his citizens. Hopefully, unlike his unsuccessful incursion into Lebanon in 2006, the Prime Minister will take all actions necessary to rid the world of the cancer known as Hamas. If this happens, the so called world community can yell their talking points as loud as they want, to whomever will listen, but Israel in particular, and the world in general, will be safer than it is today.


The Daily Pander said...

Israel is the only country on the planet expected to defend itself indecisively. When the U.N. and the E.U. speak, I yawn.

Stu Cohn said...

As John Bolton pointed out, a principle of "proportionality" to the attack on Pearl Harbor would have allowed the U.S. to sink or capsize exactly seven Japanese ships (in fact all but two ships that were sunk, and all of the others damaged, at Pearl Harbor eventually rejoined the fleet). This list http://www.valoratsea.com/JANAC3.htm of Japanese naval and merchant Vessels Sunk during WWII by U.S. submarines alone numbers in the hundreds.