Human Shields

It now appears that we have visual evidence of Hamas using children as human shields. This comes from Israel Channel 2. The fact is that whether or not this short video is, in fact, a Hamas terrorist abducting a young child for the purpose of turning him into a human shield, as our friends on the left often say, the narrative is correct.

There is plenty of evidence that Hamas engages in the coerced use of women and children as human shields. The Daily Pander has mentioned it here and Charles Krauthammer often discusses it in his columns and on Fox News. How does it happen that whenever an Israeli bomb supposedly hits a "civilian" target, the Hamas news cameras just happen to be Johnny on the spot and the photographers seem to come away without so much as a scratch?

It is time that the Western World announces a policy that clearly states that those who use civilians as human shields are 100% responsible for all casualties that result. I cannot understand why our European allies, our own press and those on the left cannot understand this very basic principal.

Israel and the United States go far beyond what is necessary to reduce civilian casualties when engaging in military operations. In many instances, the rules of engagement are such that the soldiers themselves are endangered. This is because we are the ones who value life.

The true war criminals are those who do not value human life and sacrifice the weakest among them for their political goals. There should be war crimes tribunals at The Hague for those that perpetrate this type of crime. Maybe the UN prosecutors should spend their time on Jihidists like this instead of bothering US and Israeli government officials like Henry Kissinger, Ariel Sharon, and Dick Chaney.

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