Vacation Reading

I'm out of town this week so I won't post much, except sporadic links to good articles. Like this one on health care. It's written by a self-identified Democrat who makes no outlandish claims that all opposition to Obamacare is by right-wing, racist, profiteers (which in Demoland, is redundant). He more thoroughly articulates what RSP has said in different ways:
  1. Health insurance isn't health care.
  2. Health care costs are driven by the industry's complete lack of consumerism and the distorted incentives mandated by government.
  3. There's a broad misuse and misunderstanding of what insurance can/should provide.
Address those issues, says the author, and health care costs can rationalize. IMHO, Obamacare, to the extent it relies on price controls and faux competition will accomplish nothing.

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