Good Day for Team Obama

Unemployment is getting less worse, Mr. Market rallied healthily. All in all a nice way to start the weekend for job seekers, long investors and the White House.

The cherry on top is today's news that a missile strike, likely American, killed Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud. RSP believes the best way to deal with terrorists and would be terrorists is to kill them in a merciless, bloody and public way. We also believe all collateral damage is the responsibility of governments that house or mother in any way the newly ex-terrorist.

Congratulations to Team Obama on a job well done.

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Anonymous said...

If memory serves me, President Obama stated during his run for the Presidency that he would bring the troops home and get us out of these "conflicts". Well, he's lied about other things, so he lied about this. But this little lie is certainly to our everlasting benefit.