It Takes a Villain

My absolute favorite quote machine, Speaker Pelosi (D-CA), upped the voltage on the health care debate by calling health insurers "immoral" and "villains" in a press conference today.

Now, the mind that believes in fairy tales, unicorns and cost caps with no corresponding benefit caps is not ordinarily prone to self-doubt. And if she truly is "in the fight of our lives" why should she be? Truman knew he was in the fight of his life, he didn't hesitate to go nuclear (literally and figuratively).

For all the lobbying, advertising, campaign donating and public relating these villains do, unchanged is the simple fact that Speaker Pelosi's party controls the House, the Senate and the Presidency. Lobbyists don't get a vote. If the policies of Speaker Pelosi, et. al, are so undeniably correct then why don't they use their unmitigated muscle to pass them into law? If she was genuinely courageous, genuinely "in the fight of our lives" she'd execute her views, fully confident in the political bounty sure to follow. If she's so damn right, and everyone else is so damn wrong then she should put our money where her mouth is, fearless of political repercussions.

But she won't. Because she's not courageous and power matters more than principle.

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