Dare to Dream

Since the press is salivating over the Pennsylvania swim club story, here are a few pointers from the cheap seats. There are a handful of moments/images race and class obsessed reporters should touch upon to ensure the club is overwhelmed by the cost of defending itself.
  1. Talk about the damage to the children's self-esteem, over and over and over.
  2. Make sure the person defending the club is a preppy white guy.
  3. Go to great lengths to find historical significance in the events. Ignore the possibility of an avoidable misunderstanding.
  4. Give enormous credence to claims of Jim Crow in exact proportion to the scorn given to Tea Party protesters. Also, don't doubt or mock the unenforceable penalties thought police activists demand (see third paragraph of linked story) .
Hopefully, if the press adheres to these short, simple steps a large media frenzy will break out, relevant facts will be ignored and reputations will get ruined. Even better, someone will get prosecuted and wiped out financially.

The Duke lacrosse players story serves as a workable model.

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