Scott Brown for US Senate

The Daily Pander and I are thinking about having a party tomorrow night in order to celebrate Scott Brown's big victory in the Massachusetts Senate Race. Reports are that, internally, the White House is expecting a Brown victory. The polls and future's markets all point to a Brown victory. It will be a particularly sweet victory given the monkey business with regard as to how that seat was filled after it became vacant. Oh well, I guess this will end America's experiment with European style social democracy!


Chris Janc said...

Don't start counting those chickens yet, boys. I am hopeful but I would not put anything past the Dems on this one. Anything.

Anonymous said...

It is quite accurate that you characterize the election of a 41st member, out of 100, of an opposition party, who pledges to prevent all action by the majority, to be the end of democracy.

The Daily Pander said...

SLB wrote "social democracy." And, FWIW, we don't live in a democracy anyway. We live in a republic.